The Forgotten Queen

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Writer's Block, 1998

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A mistake of the heart cost her kingdom...

First he stole her heart, then her kingdom. Empress Matilda dried her tears with rage, invaded England, and with sword in hand, fought lover turned enemy.

The Forgotten Queen is a gutsy tale of a warrior, Empress Matilda, daughter of King Henry I of England and granddaughter of William the Conqueror. Against the turbulent backdrop of the 12th Century England, Matilda had to overcome political intrigues, prejudice, and the lover who stole her crown.

Matilda's destiny sent her down an arduous path. She led the last successful land invasion of England in A. D. 1139 to wrench the throne from Stephen, the lover who betrayed her. Aided by her illegitimate half-brother, Robert of Gloucester and scores of nobility, Empress Matilda gained control of the western half of England.

Critical Praise

"Bravo to Ms. Garwood for dusting off the pages of history and putting The Forgotten Queen back into "herstory.'" ~ Romantic Times Magazine


"If Garwood's engaging fictionalized account is any indication, the series should provide a welcome addition to historical romance." ~ British Heritage


"The Forgotten Queen is an imaginative, colorful look into Englands' past and life of a little known, but exciting ruler." ~ Catherine Commetti, historical novelist



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